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    5 March 2020
  • What you need to know about the principles of treatment of the disease? Nail fungus or onychomycosis – is a common disease, which is the infectious form.
    4 March 2020
  • The fungus is a parasite on the skin, it is able to poison the life of any person. And above all a lot of hassle and frustration is caused by a fungus in the skin of the feet and the nails. Tools of various fungi, especially effective propolis or iodine.
    4 March 2020
  • How dangerous is the disease, what are the best means of fungus on the toenails can be purchased in the pharmacy, and what needs to be done to not catch such a nasty disease and not join the ranks of accidents under the cabinet of a doctor.
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  • Athlete's foot refers to the chronic, difficult to cure pathologies is to find an effective remedy against the nail fungus in the legs sometimes can't for months and even years. But, suddenly, the symptoms go away, it seems that all behind, and nails healthy.
    3 March 2020
  • The occurrence of fungi in the nails of the feet raises the question – than cure. It is enough a serious defect of the hard and take a long time to get rid. The change of substances in the injured flexible of the cells decreases.
    2 January 2020
  • Fungicide defeat is one of the most serious infections, according to the statistics in the world of the fungal disease affects about 70% of the population. The athlete's foot strike affects everyone, regardless of race, genetics, age, and that is why it has acquired a wide diffusion.
    2 January 2020
  • The treatment of nail fungus with laser - the ability to quickly solve health problems. This procedure takes a little less. The treatment of nail fungus with laser you have a primary and significant disadvantage is its price.
    1 January 2020
  • The focus of this issue of integral health, necessarily includes the enforcement of rules of personal hygiene, treatment of the diet required vitamins.
    25 December 2019
  • Nail fungus is an infectious disease of the nature, that occurs when the reduction of the forces protective of the organism. The disease is manifested by a color change, strengthened and increased the fragility of the surface of the nail. But in the early stages of nail fungus of the feet is very difficult to diagnose.
    23 November 2019
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