Reviews Zenidol

  • Guilherme
    Very good cream, cured a perennial mushroom with it. And before that, for three years I could not take my socks off in public without shame, there were such terrible nails.
  • Pina
    Yes, in Europe for a long time they have not suffered from a fungus as much as we do, they are cured there in a week. And the only thing left for us is to order cream from abroad. Well, at least something.
  • Beatriz
    When I caught mycosis in a beauty salon, my friend advised me Zenidol. She is a dermatologist herself and she often meets with him. What can I say, an effective drug, she cured the fungus in 2 weeks.
  • Mariana
    I cured my son's fungus with this cream. He is 6 years old, picked up in the locker room. You can't use antibiotics, it's still small, but Zenidol helped a lot and natural, most importantly! It can be used at any age.
  • Joana
    And should I order something? And then I have already been walking with my mushroom for the fourth year, nothing takes it. Maybe even a European remedy will cure.
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